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Easter date in year 1976

Easter date in year 1976

Easter Day was celebrated either: a on or just after the first day of the Jewish Passover no matter on which day of the week that Easter Day occurredor b on a Sunday easter date in year 1976 to or on the first Passover Day. Easter Sunday date was based on the Julian calendar in use at that time. The Julian calendar was replaced by the Gregorian calendar in October to re-align March 20 and therefore Easter with the seasons by removing 10 dates October 5 to 14, This replacement did not occur until later in many countries e.

The Gregorian calendar very closely maintains the alignment of seasons and calendar dates by having leap years in only 1 of every 4 century years, namely, those divisible exactly by One additional February 29 date will need to be removed in about A. March 20 not March 21 is the most common Gregorian Equinox date from to A.

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Easter Sunday Date in Year Date of Easter Sunday: January 2, Date of Easter Monday: January 3, Easter dates for other years: «, Below the list is an Easter Sunday date calculator for any year from to !, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, Date, Gregorian Easter Sundays from AD to AD, Frequency, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ​. days have about a 3% chance of having Easter fall on them in any given year, Click on any of the following dates, and you'll get a list of years when Easter fell Apr 20 Apr 7 Apr 16 Apr 4 Apr 18 Apr 5 Apr.

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