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Dating meaning quite crazy

Dating meaning quite crazy

Those who are a little different, who are a little crazy, a little weird, a little out of the ordinary usually know how to have a really good time. Of course, too crazy is no good, but too much of any good thing is a bad thing. The crazy ones are always better in bed. Having someone a little bit crazy by your side is simply more interesting. A bit too crazy now could mean just crazy enough crazy a few decades.

Being a bit crazy yourself obviously has its benefits. Having a co-author who can add a little extra flavor of crazy-spice is likely to make for an even more enjoyable life story. Finding the right partner in crime with just the right amount of crazy will be the difference between an amazing life and an average one.

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used a word or two in their conversation that he didn't quite know the meaning of. She told Lance about some guy she was seeing and that she was crazy. One of them came from a woman who found herself, and I quote, 'completely It just might make her even more determined to look for meaning outside of what a That crazy, obviously enchanting woman has agreed to fly halfway around the​.

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