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Stassi still dating beau

Stassi still dating beau

But while watching her with her new boyfriend, Beau Clark, has so far been delightful, they've also had to navigate a few bumps in the road, and previews once again show trouble in paradise for the couple. So are Stassi and Beau together still together inpost-Vanderpump filming? Stassi's first good idea, relationship-wise, was finally listening to Katie and Kristen when they said they had someone for her, because Beau is absolutely the best.

They've stassi still dating beau done the whole meet-the-parents thing, and it's obvious that they're in love, but they keep having the same fight: Stassi gets insecure when Beau wants to stay out, probably because she thinks that he's going to cheat on her. She's been burned before — after all, she dated Jax for years — but Beau maintains he's not that guy.

It's not hard to understand why Stassi has these issues, given her past relationships.

Searching for information, I stumbled across a Just Jared post, and someone mentioned in the comments section that the girl in his Instagram posts stassi stassi still dating beau dating beau he was supposedly proclaiming his love was a California cheerleader named Rachel Bentley. Dallas acknowledged the photos in February on his Twitter, saying "I'm still single Photos emerged of Dallas walking and holding hands with a girl that everyone identified as Bentley: And fans definitely noticed: Based on some other evidence such as a photo of Bentley at the premiere of Dallas' film, Expelled I'm inclined that believe that Cameron Dallas actually is dating Rachel Bentley, but is going the way of boy bands of the past in denying all romantic relationships, as to not "ruin" the image.

There'll be two new members in the married crew on "Vanderpump Rules.". Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark Know Where They'd Like to Get Stassi and Beau got engaged is still an incredibly romantic setting for the. After a fight on 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 7, Stassi Schroeder and her Stassi & Beau From 'Vanderpump Rules' Are Still Together, Here.

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